We are sorry but due to coronavirus pandemic, only online Qigong meditation classes are available. Wherever you are, Master Yang is available to teach.

I. One-to-One Tuition

Private lessons for students who have special needs or who’d like detailed tuition. Suitable for Qigong students, advanced students, or teachers who feel they would like to learn more, refine their practice, clarify a problem area or who simply just want to have a more intensive practice session. Times are flexible.

Price: £60 for 1 hour 30 minutes.


II. Private Small Group Home Classes

Class numbers are small so that the course can be tailored to everyone’s needs.  Each session is quite intensive & progressive and will cover a lot of ground.

Price: £35 per person for 1 hour 30 Minutes.(minimum 2 students)


* We are sorry but no group drop-in class for the time being.

* Distance teaching via Skype, FaceTime, or Messenger etc. is available.

* Master Yang can issue teaching certificates to students who have completed 40 private progressive lessons.


**What will you learn from Master Yang**


The Essence of Buddhist, Taoist, & Tibetan Qigong

In Master Yang’s classes, you will learn ancient Buddhist and Taoist methods of Qigong and meditation, the essence of Tai chi, Tibetan Yoga, the body works of Six Yoga of Naropa, Ba Daun Jin, Yi Jin Jing, and various standing Qigong techniques. You will also learn how to: feel and cultivate chi, balance your energy, relax muscles and dissolve deep-rooted physical tensions, increase vitality, and gain a real insight into Qigong and its potential.

Master Yang’s classes comprise sitting and standing Qigong.  Every lesson begins with a warm up.


Sitting Qigong (meditation)

Master Yang teaches various ancient Buddhist and Taoist methods of meditation. As a beginner you will learn watching breathing (anapana) and listening meditation. As you progress you will learn whole body breathing, whole body listening, bone breathing, Chi particle meditation, embryonic breathing, whole universe synchronised breathing, and internal wisdom fire Qigong (Tibetan Buddhist Kundalini).

Master Yang wishes students can perform embryonic breathing.


Standing Qigong


Master Yang teaches Budi Damo facing wall Qigong, Tibetan yoga breathing Qigong, whole body Qi circulation Qigong, Tai Chi Hun-Yuen Qigong, Taoist Cultivation Qigong, and more for advanced students.


Please ring 07714 734075 (U.K.)  or email for more information.



Video: Master Yang presented Qigong in Festival of Life 2013 London