About Master Yang


Qigong Master Ching-Wen Yang has studied Qigong and meditation in Taiwan for over 30 years and has been trained by various meditation & healing masters including Tsangsar Tulku Rinpoche, Qigong Master Mr Lim Hai Ping and Daoist doctor Chen Zong Guang.  Master Yang is of an ancient Taiwanese Qigong lineage and teaching tradition, rarely encountered in the West, and currently holds his practice in London. He aims to make Qigong knowledge more adaptable to a Western audience and has been developing methods to make the essence of authentic Qigong easier to grasp.

Benefits of learning Qigong from Master Yang

Qigong is a life enhancing wisdom technology. Over the long term it develops hidden potential making it easier to be the best you that you can be.  Learn authentic Qigong and know how to harness its power and wisdom.

Master Yang is one of a small handful of recognized masters teaching in the West.  He will guide you through gentle but powerful Qigong exercises and meditation which help bring about:

– health, wealth, youth and happiness in your life by unblocking areas of stuck Qi in your energy system

– glowing skin and youthful appearance and vigour

– renewed energy levels

– boosted immune system

– detox

– greater sense of well being

– freedom from depression – helping you “get out of the rut”

– greater sense of peace and inner well being