Qigong Healing

We are sorry but due to coronavirus pandemic, only online Qigong healing sessions are available. Wherever you are, Master is available to help.

Healing sessions with Master Yang are also available.  He can help with a wide range of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, using his unique Qi Particle technique.

Master Yang’s Qigong healing is excellent for: cancer, immune system problems, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, energy flowing problems, colitis, thyroid problems, low energy, negative energy, chronic illness, and spiritual problems.

About a healing session

A typical therapy session will involve an initial period of consultation during which the Master will listen to the Client in order to gain an understanding of the issue.  The Master will then enter into a meditative state and open his consciousness to tune in to and scan the Client without physical touch.

The client then made comfortable and only then will the Master begin to emit external Chi either to the inflicted region, to the corresponding meridian or to specific acupuncture points using nothing but his hands but without physical touch.

Master Yang may use different ways of healing such as Tui-Na, Acupressure, Qi acupuncture, massage, Qi particle healing, Qi energy light, or even Kundalini(inner wisdom fire).  In the end Master Yang will perform Qi particle refreshment, and then fill Qi energy to patients.

Following treatment, the client is advised where possible to remain in a relaxed state for the remainder of the day and to drink plenty of warm water.  It is normal to feel very tired some hours afterwards and this is indicative of a shift in the internal energy.

The nature of the complaint and the Clients general constitution will determine the number of advised healing sessions.

Price: £70 for a session(60 minutes).

Please ring 07714 734075 or email  dharmaqigong@gmail.com  for more information.

Long distance healing is available via phone, Skype, FactTime, or Messenger etc.

Testimonials (dramatic healing results have been experienced after just one session!):

Paul W.

“After suffering a minor stroke I was in a state of continual dizziness and lacked any energy, just needing to sleep all the time.  After a single session with Ching-Wen the dizziness cleared never to return and I have been living a perfectly normal and energetic life since.  He has a very unique and powerful technique and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Geraldine, Worcestershire

 “I met Ching Wen Yang at a One World event.  I explained that I had an underactive Thyroid which was causing numerous physical difficulties.  My breathing was poor as was my skin, energy and general well-being. After one hour of the first treatment I could breathe easily, I felt light, clear, cleansed and rejuvenated. Thank you Master Yang for your remarkable insightand healing energies.”

Pepa salas

“My experience with Ching Wen was marvellous.  Not only did I feel my body and mind relax for the first time in a long while, but he also managed to see something(not serious, fortunately) which another doctor had found only with the help of an X-ray.  he is capable of seeing inside your organism using your own energy and detecting external symptoms.  He also gave me some practical advice for my problems-and they worked”

Zoë Martlew

“I arrived for my first healing session with Ching-Wen exhausted and drained from a long and painful relationship break-up, completely broke and feeling stuck and directionless in life generally. In a matter of minutes into the healing session I felt a delicious sense of relief and light flooding through my system and life force returning to replace the old blocked energy. Since that moment life has made a complete turn around for the better. Interesting work has been pouring in, as has money. New creative opportunities and friends have come my way and I feel happier, more peaceful, more energetic and light-filled than I have for a long time.”

Charlotte Mordin

“Mr Yang used chi needles on my knee – the effect was electric!  After a couple of sessions my long-term knee was completely cured.”